At Scholz Group, experience and innovation come together and combine with state-of-the-art processing technology and a global network to create extensive service offerings. The Group covers all steps of the resource cycle for the 100-percent recycling of scrap steel and scrap metal, all with its own companies. Customers thus get everything from one source.

Scholz Group collects the scrap in 43,000 containers placed on the premises of vehicle and machine builders, for example. From there, the company delivers presorted material directly to its own or third-party smelting works by rail, truck, or ship. Unsorted material is brought to the 200 scrap yards of Scholz Group by its 750 trucks. There, the scrap is roughly sorted, precompressed, and then sent to the processing facilities, where the material is processed into the shapes desired by the steel mills, smelting works, and foundries within 1 to 10 days. Here, equipment and processes are used which separate alloys into their components again or turn mixed scrap into sorted material with a particle size of two millimeters, for example. Non-metals such as plastic, textiles, and rubber that remain after the processing are supplied to the corresponding specialized recyclers. Nothing is lost in the Scholz cycle.