Scholz Holding GmbH
A worldwide network

Scholz Group is a global network of companies and affiliates in the area of treating and processing scrap and metal. Thanks to this network, the Group ranks among the few recyclers that provide all steps in recycling metal and scrap iron. The Scholz Group is a one-stop shop, from collecting, gathering, sorting, and processing the material to its sale, utilization, and recirculation. The Group’s hundreds of collection and storage areas with optimal transport connections all over the world, recycling facilities for any need, foundries, smelting works, and a steel mill make this possible. This global infrastructure allows Scholz Group to bundle scrap into huge material streams every single day and to move them across the globe. The Scholz subsidiaries in the related business areas benefit from this solid infrastructure as well.

Reliability, humbleness, and a sense of responsibility distinguish the corporate principles of Scholz Group. Compared on an international level with other recyclers of scrap steel and scrap metal, Scholz Group invests the most in its locations. A good portion of these investments flows into optimized processes and consequently into improved working conditions and environmental protection.