When Paul Scholz established a small sorting company in Lower Silesia in 1872, he probably never thought that one day it would be a globally operating group of companies. Today, Scholz Group has 4,939 employees. As a provider of the secondary raw material scrap alone, it supplies hundreds of steel mills, foundries, and smelting works around the globe.

Throughout the years, the Scholz Group has always successfully adapted to changing conditions with courage and foresight, for example after the family’s expulsion from Lower Silesia in 1945, the fresh start in Heilbronn and Aalen, and the establishment of international trade connections in the 1970s. By now, the Group is even active in the USA, Mexico, China and North Africa.

Carl-Heinz Scholz

Scholz Group also continuously expanded its business areas over the years and is no longer just a leader in the recycling of steel scrap and non-ferrous metal scrap. With its companies, the Group also made a name for itself as a producer of high-grade steel and aluminum for various applications. Additionally, it made its mark with disposal concepts, service concepts, and logistics concepts.