In its endeavor to satisfy and meet the requirements of customers around the world every single day, Scholz Group created a corporate structure that sets benchmarks in many ways. Would you have guessed that the total storage area of all locations of the Scholz Group is equivalent to more than 1,200 soccer fields? Or that the total distance covered by the 750 Scholz trucks each day reaches nearly three and a half times around the globe? Or that the Group prevented the emission of approximately 12.2 million metric tons of CO2 in 2015? This amount would have been produced had the material recycled by the Scholz Group been obtained from primary raw materials instead of scrap.

The Scholz Group
  • 2.29 billion euros in sales in 2014 (according to financial statement)
  • 4,9391 employees (FTE)
  • approx. 7501 trucks
  • approx. 6001 excavators
  • 91 direct affiliates worldwide
  • 101 indirect affiliates worldwide

1 consolidated companies